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Precise tenon are very expensive to produce, manually or by a circular saw. The same applies for mortises, the work with a mortiser provides only rough results. Therefore tenon and mortise and their benefits, are not often the classic wood joints.


With the Lignatool milling system for straight tenons and mortise you create tenons in different width, length, height and inclination up to 60°. With the mortise template, you create very precise mortises.






Safe working through patented milling guide - more info

A locking plate is screwed on the table of the router. The router is hooked in the safety milling guide. Know you can work safely and free of fatigue.

Tenons either round or square - more info

The inner part of the tenon template is replaceable, you can choose a round or a square tenon shape.

Tenon width variable - more info

30 mm or 40 mm tenons can be cut, other widths upon request.

Tenon length variable - more info

There are different cutters available, tenon lengths can be milled so that up to 60 mm, larger tenon lengths on request.

Compatible with CNC joinery machines - more info

The shape of the rounded tenons or mortise, corresponds to the form of tenons or mortise by CNC joinery machines.

Available in different configurations - more info

Deliverable either as tenon jig only, or as combination with tenon and mortise jig, depending on your choice.

Back cut tenons possible - more info

Back cut tenons can be milled.

Large beam cross sections - more info

It could be edited by cross section from 60x60mm to 180x320mm.

Modular concept - more info

Components such as milling guide, locking plate, chip guard, and fences fits also to the dovetail milling system. Customers who already own a dovetail milling system need only the base plate for tenon or mortise.

Very precise wood connection - more info

Through the milling along the template, it is possible to make a very precise wood connection.