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We have been developing easy-to-use but very efficient machines and tools for woodworking for more than 15 years.
With Lignatool, simple as well as sophisticated woodworking can be produced, which, from an economic point of view, could previously only be produced with expensive CNC woodworking machines.

Get more out of your work, simply with Lignatool.

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Dovetail milling jig

The dovetail milling system consists of a female and a male template, a high-quality milling cutter with reversible knives and a powerful router. It is specifically designed to create perfect dovetail wood joints. Our milling systems guarantee you precise and repeatable milling of dovetail holes and tenons, which is crucial for creating stable and aesthetically pleasing wood joints.

In addition, our environmentally friendly system is characterized by the saving of metal elements in wooden connections, which means that it pays for itself in the shortest possible time. Invest in our milling system to make your wood joining projects more efficient, sustainable and economical.

Dovetail template

Cutting tool for chainsaws

A cutting tool is an essential tool that allows you to effortlessly make straight and accurate wood cuts thanks to a precise guide frame, chainsaw and line laser. Our cutting guides not only guarantee perfect alignment of your saw cuts, but also consistent angles and depths to take your wood project to a new level of quality.

Cutting tool

Universal milling jig

The milling jig consists of a milling frame, a router and a special Helicut milling cutter with reversible knives.

With the Lignatool universal jig you can easily create slanted and straight millings in different sizes, depths and inclinations. This saves time and money compared to traditional methods. The universal template is not only suitable for stair construction, but also for the problem-free installation of large steel parts in glued laminated beams.

Universal template

Tenon and mortise milling jig

With the Lignatool milling system for straight tenons and mortises, which consists of the tenon template, the mortise template, a Helicut milling cutter and a router, you can create tenons in various widths, lengths, heights and inclinations with extreme precision. Our mortise template allows you to produce tenon holes just as precisely.

Tenon template

Log blank milling jig

Our log milling system is a new innovative solution designed specifically for smaller log home projects - without the need for expensive log milling machines. This system consists of a male and female template, a burr cutter and a powerful router. Discover an efficient and cost-effective method to create high-quality log connections for your construction project.

Log template

X-fix milling jigs

The X-Fix milling system was specially developed to effortlessly handle panel-shaped wooden components such as CLT panels in longitudinal and transverse connections. With this system you can connect not only large components, but also small remaining pieces of door or window cutouts with each other precisely and force-fitting.

We also offer a compact mini version of the X-Fix milling system, which is ideal for thinner wooden panels, other wooden structures and furniture construction.

The sets each consist of adjustable templates, high-quality milling cutters and a powerful router.

X-fix templates

That's why Lignatool

Trust in our high-quality tools to get your work done more efficiently, precisely and economically. Lignatool products are designed to make woodworking projects easier and more precise by enabling high accuracy and repeatability in various wood joining techniques.

Discover the top class in power tools! Our recommendations come from renowned brands such as Festool, Mafell and Stihl. These industry leaders are known for their premium quality, innovation and reliability.

In addition, selected machines from other top brands such as Makita, DeWalt, Scheer and Bosch can also be used. We understand that versatility and choice are critical to your individual needs. Therefore, you can also use our products with your preferred brand of power tools.

Rely on the proven performance and precision of these brands to complete your projects more efficiently and professionally. Discover our extensive range today and invest in the best tools for your needs.