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The shape of the "dovetaill" is used in many wood connections, this is not new, but not economical to produce by hand.

The side surfaces of the connection, transfer the vertical forces, from the beam with the dovetail-tenon to the beam with the dovetail-mortise.


With the patented dovetail milling system by Lignatool, you are able to make this convenient wood connection, even without computer-controlled joinery machine, in your own workshop, in shortest time, very economically!

... with this new tool the wood-dovetail-connection is priced interesting, the perfect wood-connection, just easy, fast and clean...






Safe working trough patented milling guide - more info

A locking plate is screwed on the table of the router. The router is hooked in the safety milling guide. Know you can work safely and free of fatigue.

Diagonally adjustable fences - more info

The the horizontal fence and the vertical fence can be up to +-60° set at an angle, angled recesses to Rafter (roof window) can be realized also with the simplex fence.

Wood connection of high quality craftsmanship - more info

As well as aesthetically demanding, this is very important especially for projects with visible wooden constructions.

Mobile for workshop or construction site - more info

Is delivered in a practical and waterproof plastic box (systainer).

High economic efficiency - more info

Create 10-15 wood joints in an hour of work, this leaves the value added in their operation.

Fast and easy installation - more info

Particularly useful for the installation of visible wooden beams, also no disturbing steel parts upon delivery.

No steel parts of the connection required - more info

No wood connection steel parts warehousing costs.

Many application possibilities - more info

Straight and oblique inclined compounds, such as rafter, main and secondary beams, pillars and Struts. Wood cross section of 6x6cm to 18x36cm.

Modular concept - more info

Components such as milling guide, locking plate, chip guard, and fences fits also to the dovetail milling system. Customers who already own a dovetail milling system need only the base plate for tenon or mortise.

Different tenon lengthen possible - more info

By simply changing the bearing rings tenon length can be cut from 15 to 28 mm.

Compatible with CNC woodworking machines - more info

The shape of the tenon or the mortise is compatible with CNC joinery machines. The dovetail tenon of smaller bars can be cut to the joinery machine, the dovetail mortise on large beams, which don't fit in a CNC joinery machine, could be cut by hand.

Different packages - more info

The packages are compiled differently depending on the intended use and budget and can be customized at any time.

Free static calculation by EC5 - more info

For Lignatool-customers, the static calculation is free of charge, please follow the link below.