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With a chainsaw, large beams can be cut simply and conveniently, but only with less precision and less safety.


The sword of the chainsaw is hooked in by a simple turn in the guide, so you can cut very precisely and safely along the guide rail.
The red laser line indicates the exact position of the cut, side and also above the beam.





Mobile for workshop or building site - more info

Can simply fold and store easily.

Wide cutting range - more info

Model SF400: cutting angle horizontal +-75 °, cutting angle vertical +-75°. At a 90 ° cut, the max. beam width is 400 mm and maximum beam height is 600 mm. Larger cut ranges on request.

Wood cross-section rectangular or round - more info

Can be applied to rectangular (standard) or round wood cross sections (accessories).

Electric or gasoline chainsaws - more info

Electric or gasoline powered chain saws can be used

Laser line for exact cutting position - more info

The red laser line has an angle of 90 ° and is therefore very well visible laterally and above the beam. The position of the laser is moveable, so that the laser line can be projected to the desired beam side.

Cutting direction selectable - more info

The chainsaw bar can be suspended either from the left or from the right side. This results in an optimum cutting surface.

Safe handling - more info

Particularly safe because splitting wedge and safety cover (the Lignatool-cutting guide is the only cutting system for chain saws with a splitting wedge and a safety cover)

Can even be used without the cutting guide - more info

The chain saw with the splitting wedge and the safety cover can also be used, without the cutting guide, to separate rough beams.

Tenon cutter - more info

Optional accessories, can be used as tenon cutter or slot mortiser.

Slot mortiser - more info

Can be used as a slot mortiser to the face side of beams, the slot width is depending on the variable chain width.