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Obliquely wood cuts or millings can be made either only by hand or by CNC machines.


With the Lignatool universal template you can create inclined or rectangular millings, in varying depths and sizes, very easily and quickly.






Safe working trought patented milling guide - more info

A locking plate is screwed on the table of the router. The router is hooked in the safety milling guide. Know you can work safely and free of fatigue.

Easy mounting - more info

The mounting can either be screw or lever clamps.

Wood connection of high quality craftsmanship - more info

As well as aesthetically demanding, this is very important especially for projects with visible wooden constructions.

Many application possibilities - more info

Straight and inclined at an angle connections, excessive blistering various pursuit and head bands, and notching, and stairs, etc.

Angle in degrees and in percentage - more info

The exact inclination can be adjusted scale in degrees or percentage.

Special shapes - more info

Shapes can be customized according to customer requirements, these are fastened with four screws on the base plate.

Adjustable inclination and angle stops - more info

The templates can be used with the degree scale at an exact angle (braces offset) or oblique (stairs).

Dimension - more info

The maximum hole size is 310 x 550 mm, the maximum tilt 20 degrees.

Modular concept - more info

Components such as milling guide, locking plate, chip guard, and fences fits also to the dovetail milling system. Customers who already own a dovetail milling system need only the base plate for tenon or mortise.